Affiliation Fee Round Up Campaign

For over 20 years the UK housing sector has supported Reall in our mission to eradicate global housing poverty.

Our AFRU campaign offers a simple way for you to continue your support of our organisation and the important work that we carry out. Your donations will go towards helping the world's very poorest escape poverty for good. Building homes gives families a sustainable base on which to build their lives and establish their communities.

When it's time for you organisation to renew membership of either the National Housing Federation, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations or Community Housing Cymru, simply ask your finance department to round up the membership fee when they complete the renewal form. Your membership body will then pass the donations onto Reall.

Reall are now operating with implementing partners in over 15 different counties throughout Africa and Asia. In each one we're working to establish a market at the bottom of the housing pyramid. 2015 and 2016 saw many of our partners make great progress. Our Angolan partner, HabiTerra, was responsible for the development of an innovative rent-to-buy model, which has unlocked access to housing and mortgages for the country's very poorest.

We also made progress establishing a presence in Mozambique. September 2015 saw Reall enter a Memorandum of Understanding with the city of Beira. This secures Reall's intention to work with the city's regional authorities and stakeholders towards developing housing infrastructure. Throughout the Global South our partners are growing as organisations and leading by example in the pro-poor housing development sector.

While we've made great progress and driven our vision forwards, there's still lots to be done. Please take the time to ask your finance team to round up your membership fee.

Find out about other ways that you can help with our important work by visiting our Get Involved page.

Thank you for your continued support of our organisation.

For more information about our AFRU campaign please contact