Delivering multi-dimensional impact on the SDGs through Affordable Housing

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With only ten years to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are already significantly off track – a situation that the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened

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Watch Estelle Robinson, Reall’s Policy and Influence Manager, introduce our new paper on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through Affordable Housing in Africa and Asia.


The pandemic has triggered the worst economic recession since 1930 and the combined social, economic, and health impacts of Covid-19 have outpaced any other major crisis in recent history. The most vulnerable communities have inevitably been hit the hardest and new solutions are urgently required to reach SDG targets within the next decade.

Climate-smart affordable housing provides a doorway to answering 16 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our latest paper underlines how integration, innovation and partnership can unlock ambition and enable us to build back better from Covid-19. We showcase how affordable housing can have a multi-dimensional impact on Climate (SDG 13), Gender (SDG 5), Economic growth and decent work (SDG 8) and Partnerships (SDG 17)

Critical solutions

  • Integration – working and learning across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Innovation – scaling up action and investment 
  • Collaboration – embracing unusual partnerships and sharing key learnings

Reall’s key recommendations

  • Unlocking inclusive, and affordable end-user housing finance for people living on low incomes – especially for women and marginalised groups
  • Development and integration of green solutions across the entire housing ecosystem – including green financing and investment, and green construction materials and design standards
  • Accessible and open data systems driven by key sector thought leaders, to support an evidence-driven approach to affordable housing that is scalable and viable

Read now: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Affordable Housing in Africa and Asia (PDF, 500KB, 5 pages)

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