New Paper launched on United Nations Day of Persons with Disabilities

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Reall's latest learning paper showcases the impact affordable housing has on people living with disabilities

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On United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Reall launch a new learning publication focussing on the impact of affordable housing on people living with disabilities in urban Africa and Asia.

Watch Dr Andrew Jones, Reall’s Research and Policy Manager, introduce our latest learnings.

Reall’s climate-smart, affordable homes in safe, sustainable communities have a profound impact on the quality of life for people in the bottom 40% of the income pyramid. This impact is especially transformative for people living with disabilities.

How affordable housing transforms lives for people with disabilities

  • Legal security of tenure – Guaranteeing legal protection against forced eviction, harassment, and insecurity
  • Accessibility – well designed homes provide appropriate space, ground floor access, and ground floor sleeping quarters for people with disabilities
  • Affordability – reducing personal or household financial costs associated with housing
  • Habitability – quality, professionally built housing that provides adequate space and protects from weather impacts, structural hazards, and disease vectors (including COVID-19) is essential to safeguard vulnerable people
  • Water, sanitation and services – access to safe and clean water and sanitation facilities is a basic right of all people, including those with disabilities, the denial of which can have serious implications on their well-being
  • Location – providing access to employment opportunities, healthcare services, schools, and other social facilities in near proximity

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Cover of Disability and Affordable Housing Learning Paper showing birds eye view of a city

Read Reall’s People Living with Disabilities Learning Paper now (PDF, 4 pages, 2.6KB)

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