Spotlight on Families: Kunjani's story

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On the United Nation's International Day of Families, how affordable housing is helping families thrive

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Kunjani Pyasi and her family were facing a life of intergenerational poverty in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asia. Her father abandoned her when she was four, leaving her family in poverty.

According to the World Economic Forum, Nepal ranks 110th out of 144 countries on gender parity. Helping women access affordable housing is a key objective at Reall. At 17, Adhinaj become one of Reall’s youngest homeowners in the Pokhara Project.

Because of her tenacity, spirit and a decent and safe home to live in, Kunjani received a first in Law and is now a lawyer with aspirations of becoming the second ever female Chief Justice of Nepal.

In 2015, Kunjani’s family were able to access a house from our Pokhara 1 project – the first housing project for low income rental families in this area of Nepal. The project gave permanent housing to 155 families previously living in rental housing without proper access to basic infrastructure and services, such as washrooms or toilets. Lumanti, our partners on this build, involved families in planning, designing and building their own homes.

This house was vital to my success. I would not have such high expectations of myself without this project. My dreams have changed – it’s the impact of the project.

Because of this project many families now have a stable, safe and sanitary home to raise their children.

Adhinaj Kunwan and her Mother outside their new home
Kunjani Pyasi and her Mother outside their new home

The impact of Reall’s secure, quality, affordable housing on families

  • Over 3.5 million people reached through Reall projects since 1989
  • Almost 1.3 million people gaining security from threat of eviction
  • More than 31,000 families are now receiving secure government housing
  • 73,000 women and children are safely housed

Access to affordable homes has a huge impact on families.  It empowers mothers and daughters, enables the education of children and allows parents to work.

Affordable housing breaks families out of the poverty cycle for good.

Find out more about Reall’s affordable housing projects on our Data Dashboard.

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