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Faith Foundation Phase 1 – Ruiru

  • Status: Complete
  • People Housed: 244
  • Country: Kenya
  • City: Nairobi
  • Partner: NACHU
  • Year Approved: 2012
Total Invested
KES 24,700,000
Average Sales Price
KES 681,847
Total Invested
Average Sales Price
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Project Overview

This project involved the construction of 52 houses that were built incrementally for members of the Faith Foundation Housing Cooperative Society. The cooperative formed in 2005 for victims of post-election violence who had been displaced from the Rift Valley region of Kenya. Members had been saving to permanently resettle, and after partnering with NACHU in 2010 the group registered as a housing cooperative and bought two acres of land in the peri-urban town Ruiru.

On the project site, core units of 1 bedroom bungalows were initially constructed that allowed for future horizontal construction. Electricity and individual toilets were included, and water was supplied from a community borehole that could be run by the cooperative as a business enterprise. The project also used eco-housing concepts such as kitchen gardens.

As part of the project, NACHU was able to seek VAT refunds under the Housing Sector Incentives of the VAT Act. A government initiative, this aimed to subsidise investment in affordable housing and incentivise its development within Kenya. All clients benefitting from the project were advanced with micro-mortgage loans by NACHU, to be paid back over 10 years.

Homes Completed
52 Homes Sold
Homes Occupied
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Nearest Employment Area
Nearest Health Centre
Nearest Primary School
Nearest Bus Stop
Nearest Market
Nearest Secondary School

Client Data

Displayed In
Client Monthly Household Incomes

Clients estimated to sit between 11th and 20th percentiles of incomes in Nairobi

24,500 KES
227 USD
40th percentile at year of occupancy KES 41,669
40th percentile at year of occupancy $385
Household Demographic Data
Household Size
Proportion Female
Proportion Children
Proportion Elderly
Housing Information
Description Type Number Expected Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Sales Price
(Local Currency)
Monthly Cost
(Local Currency)
Loan Length (months)
3 rooms & wetcore, 32m2, 137m2 plot Basic 52 52 32 681847 9970 120
Finance Description Finance Source Deposit Interest Rate (%)
3 rooms & wetcore, 32m2, 137m2 plot NACHU 68,185 12.5

Project Finances

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Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
KES 24,700,000
$ 228,403
KES 24,700,000
$ 228,403

Based on exchange rate on 31/12/2020

Funds Lent by Partners to Households
Funds Lent by Partners to Households
KES 35,419,644
$ 327,529
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
KES 3,090,582
$ 28,579

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021