• Status: Construction
  • People Housed: 160
  • Country: Kenya
  • City: Nanyuki
  • Partner: NACHU
  • Year Approved: 2017
Total Invested
KES 51,889,639
Average Sales Price
KES 738,242
Total Invested
Average Sales Price
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Project Overview

Based 8km outside the market town of Nanyuki, this project lies in in Laikipia Country, northwest of Mount Kenya. The town has seen significant expansion in recent years with many active local businesses, and as a result has a large population of lower and middle-income workers for its horticultural farms and hotel industries. Most of these workers live in informal rented accommodation, providing a key client base for this housing development.

120 residential bungalows were planned to be built in the first stage, with 85 core units and 35 larger units. The site offers easy access to the town centre along an all-weather road and is served by existing energy supply power cables.

Nanyuki was created as part of a community-based partnership between NACHU and the Nabosa Housing Cooperative. Through this collaboration NACHU was able to construct the housing and sanitation, while the community facilitated road access, electricity, fencing and landscaping. The housing cooperative was also backed by an active savings and credit cooperative that provided financial intermediation and credit history for the newly housed clients. This allowed NACHU to extend housing finance to the families in the form of micro mortgages, with a repayment period of 5 years.

Homes Completed
60 Homes Sold
Homes Occupied
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Nearest Employment Area
Nearest Health Centre
Nearest Primary School
Nearest Bus Stop
Nearest Market
Nearest Secondary School

Client Data

Displayed In
Client Monthly Household Incomes

Clients estimated to sit between 61st and 70th percentiles of incomes in Nanyuki

43,700 KES
404 USD
40th percentile at year of occupancy KES 28,343
40th percentile at year of occupancy $262
Household Demographic Data
Household Size
Proportion Female
Proportion Children
Housing Information
Description Type Number Expected Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Sales Price
(Local Currency)
Monthly Cost
(Local Currency)
Loan Length (months)
2 rooms & wetcore, 20m2, 137m2 plot Basic 100 50 20 696450 11962 60
2 rooms & wetcore, 27m2, 137m2 plot Basic 20 10 27 947200 17632 60
Finance Description Finance Source Deposit Interest Rate (%)
2 rooms & wetcore, 20m2, 137m2 plot NACHU 139,290 14.0
2 rooms & wetcore, 27m2, 137m2 plot NACHU 189,440 14.0

Project Finances

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Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
KES 51,889,639
$ 479,829
KES 51,889,639
$ 479,829

Of KES 51,889,639 total investments, KES 31,824,152 was recycled funds from previous project payments

Of $479,829 total investments, $294,281 was recycled funds from previous project payments

Based on exchange rate on 31/12/2020

Funds Lent by Partners to Households
Funds Lent by Partners to Households
KES 11,145,600
$ 103,065
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
KES 6,904,867
$ 63,850

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021