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Hayanglechu Cooperative

  • Status: Construction
  • Country: Nepal
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Partner: Lumanti
  • Year Approved: 2019
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Self Build
Project Overview

Hayanglechu Cooperative is a self-build project which is fully financed through revolved funds from previous Lumanti projects. The Hayanglechu Cooperative has been lent funds by Lumanti, which will finance the allocation of individual housing loans to member households, to fund construction. Upon repaying their loan to the cooperative, the funds will be revolved again by Lumanti to support new housing projects throughout Nepal.

The majority of clients chosen for this project reside in housing which holds multiple threats to their health and security and often lacks access to basic services such as water. As part of the project the community will be trained in housing and infrastructure construction, and given technical, financial and management skills, allowing each family to construct a safe, permanent house fully serviced with electricity, household water and sanitation.

Homes Completed
Connected to Electricity
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Housing Information
Description Type Number Completed
n/a Self Build 5

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021