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Kathmandu – Shree Mahila Tarakari Bebasaya SACCOS

  • Status: Complete
  • People Housed: 190
  • Country: Nepal
  • City: Kathmandu
  • Partner: Lumanti
  • Year Approved: 2018
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Self Build
Project Overview

Located in Kathmandu, this project was fully financed by funds revolved from previous Lumanti projects. A self-build housing programme it focused on reconstruction for survivors of the 2015 earthquake which displaced nearly 2.8 million people. The new homes were therefore able to provide much needed services to many, including water, sanitation and energy.

The project targeted members of the Shree Mahila Tarakari Bebasaya (Women’s) Cooperative. The cooperative was lent funds by Lumanti, which then financed the allocation of individual loans to member households. The new houses were constructed on a low-cost basis with a focus on resistance to natural hazards. For this reason, disaster-resistant interlocking blocks were used to build the houses, and guidance was given on disaster risk reduction through appropriate settlement planning. Lumanti also provided training, and advice with regards to accessing government funded post-earthquake reconstruction grants.

Homes Completed
Homes Occupied
Connected to Electricity
Connected to Water and Sanitation

Client Data

Displayed In
Client Monthly Household Incomes

Clients estimated to sit between 1st and 10th percentiles of incomes in Kathmandu

21,000 NPR
181 USD
40th percentile at year of occupancy NPR 61,585
40th percentile at year of occupancy $532
Household Demographic Data
Household Size
Proportion Female
Proportion Children
Proportion Elderly
Housing Information
Description Type Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Monthly Cost
(Local Currency)
Loan Length (months)
n/a Self Build 38 34 10000 60
Finance Source Interest Rate (%)

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021