Faisalabad 1

  • Status: Construction
  • People Housed: 605
  • Country: Pakistan
  • City: Faisalabad
  • Partner: AMC
  • Year Approved: 2014
Total Invested
PKR 356,245,219
Average Sales Price
PKR 1,303,331
Total Invested
Average Sales Price
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Project Overview

Located in the industrial hub of Ada Johal, this project targets the large labour force in the surrounding area. With over 15,000 people working in the surrounding factories and travelling from nearby towns, there is a sizeable customer base.

The project is a mixed development, providing homes targeted to families on low incomes. All homes are expandable by constructing either outwards or through adding a second floor and include access to water, sanitation and energy. They are also all built around communal park areas, providing green spaces for all residents. The site includes a school, commercial units and space for a mosque.

AMC was able to develop a mortgage product for people on low incomes in partnership with the Housing Building Finance Corporation (HBFC), a semi-state-owned institution operating in the public interest. HBFC has provided mortgage loans to AMC customers purchasing the newly constructed homes on Faisalabad 1, with a repayment period of ten years paid in monthly instalments. In addition, some houses were bought via AMC’s payment plan which offers micro finance loans to those who were ineligible for the bank loan.

AMC also brokered a deal with a large industrial employer (Sitara Chemical Industries) which purchased a number of project homes for their workers. Sitara provided employees with a discount on their house purchase based on their years of service, and payments for the home are taken out of their salaries.

Homes Completed
433 Homes Sold
Homes Occupied
Connected to Electricity
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Nearest Employment Area
Nearest Health Centre
Nearest Bus Stop
Nearest Market
Nearest Secondary School

Client Data

Displayed In
Client Monthly Household Incomes

Clients estimated to sit between 21st and 30th percentiles of incomes in Faisalabad

35,200 PKR
220 USD
40th percentile at year of occupancy PKR 40,236
40th percentile at year of occupancy $252
Household Demographic Data
Household Size
Proportion Female
Proportion Children
Proportion Elderly
Proportion Disabled
Housing Information
Description Type Number Expected Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Sales Price
(Local Currency)
Monthly Cost
(Local Currency)
Loan Length (months)
3.5 marla, 3 room Basic 88 60 56.5 1560000 15000 120
3.5 marla, 2 room Basic 127 111 44 1390000 13000 120
3.5 marla, 1 room Basic 37 39 30 1220000 11000 120
3.5 marla serviced plot Plot 324 267 - - 32236 24
2.25 marla 2 room Basic 98 64 40 992000 - -
1.4 marla 2 room Basic - 2 - - - -
Finance Description Finance Source Deposit Interest Rate (%)
3.5 marla, 3 room HBFC Bank 390,000 15.0
3.5 marla, 2 room HBFC Bank 347,500 15.0
3.5 marla, 1 room HBFC Bank 305,000 15.0
3.5 marla serviced plot HBFC Bank 225,999 15.0
2.25 marla 2 room Cash sale 196,671 15.0
1.4 marla 2 room n/a - 0.0

Project Finances

Displayed In

Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
PKR 356,245,219
$ 2,229,820
PKR 314,172,997
$ 1,966,481
PKR 42,072,222
$ 263,340

Based on exchange rate on 31/12/2020

Funds Lent by Partners to Households
Funds Lent by Partners to Households
PKR 426,614,725
$ 2,670,279
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
PKR 287,417,682
$ 1,799,013

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021