San Isidro

  • Status: Complete
  • People Housed: 128
  • Country: Philippines
  • City: Iloilo
  • Partner: LinkBuild
  • Year Approved: 2015
Total Invested
PHP 10,800,001
Average Sales Price
PHP 288,000
Total Invested
Average Sales Price
Delivery of Homes
Total Expected
Project Overview

Located in the city of San Isidro, this project involved the construction of 45 homes. This is a resettlement project providing housing for families formerly residing in areas affected by major government-infrastructure projects. This includes families threatened by court-ordered demolition or eviction cases, as well as displacement due to river rehabilitation, road widening and other development projects in the city.

The majority of residents previously lived in informal settlements in makeshift and substandard housing located along roads and waterways. Equipped with access to water, sanitation and energy, these homes are a significant improvement for the homeowners.

The homes utilise an eco-friendly earth-based construction method called Interlocking Compressed Earth Blocks (ICEBs) where the structure uses load-bearing blocks made of limesoil. An efficient and low-cost sanitation system has also been incorporated through the use of recycled plastic septic tanks. The houses were purchased by the clients using mortgage loans that were provided through CoreACS, a microfinance sister company of LinkBuild.

Homes Completed
45 Homes Sold
Homes Occupied
Connected to Electricity
Connected to Water and Sanitation
Nearest Employment Area
Nearest Health Centre
Nearest Primary School
Nearest Bus Stop
Nearest Market
Nearest Secondary School

Client Data

Displayed In
Client Monthly Household Incomes

Clients estimated to sit between 41st and 50th percentiles of incomes in Iloilo

25,000 PHP
521 USD
40th percentile at year of occupancy PHP 21,181
40th percentile at year of occupancy $441
Household Demographic Data
Household Size
Proportion Female
Proportion Children
Proportion Elderly
Proportion Disabled
Housing Information
Description Type Number Expected Number Completed Unit Size (m2) Sales Price
(Local Currency)
Monthly Cost
(Local Currency)
Loan Length (months)
1 storey rowhouse with roofdeck, 34m2 unit on 48m2 plot, extendable to two-storeys Basic 45 45 34 288000 6277.26 60
Finance Description Finance Source Interest Rate (%)
1 storey rowhouse with roofdeck, 34m2 unit on 48m2 plot, extendable to two-storeys CoreACS 18.0

Project Finances

Displayed In

Investments — Reall to Affordable Housing Partners

Total Project Investments
PHP 10,800,001
$ 225,059
PHP 10,800,001
$ 225,059

Based on exchange rate on 31/12/2020

Funds Lent by Partners to Households
Funds Lent by Partners to Households
PHP 11,116,800
$ 231,661
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
Funds Repaid by Households to Partner (to date)
PHP 5,956,681
$ 124,130

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Data last updated on 10/03/2021