Vacancy at Reall

Consultancy: IT Services Provision

Reall are seeking the services of a Managed Service Provider to set up and implement a new IT and telephony system for Reall.  The current IT system is hosted on three virtual servers on Microsoft’s Azure platform and accessed via the Remote Desktop application. The new system needs to be accessing the services of our Microsoft Office 365 licences directly, and we require a new telephony system that must work through MS Teams with an international calling package.

We are looking for the new system to be fully implemented and ‘live’ during Q4 of the 2021-22 financial year. This will involve the provisioning of the relevant system, configuration and set-up, ongoing support and helpdesk, and all necessary training to get everything up and running successfully

Please contact for additional information, and with any queries and confirmation you are planning to apply.

Full details can be found here: Invitation to Tender: IT Services Provision

Submit your tender application to by midday on 30th September 2021