At Reall we are passionate about the difference planned housing can make. We have witnessed the profound impact a decent neighbourhood can have on people, communities and cities.

The Reall approach to servicing the demand for housing low-income families through local enterprises has significant impact, far beyond the organisations and communities empowered by it. We are pioneering a model that can be replicated and scaled to catalyse housing markets in developing cities.

Reall empowers
local development
enterprises to
become housing
market leaders

Guided by Reall,
they work with
communities to
ensure affordability,
financial viability
and scalability

thereby attracting
increased support
and investment

Financial inclusion and the realisation of an asset

We believe a secure home is the cornerstone of socio-economic development.

One of the greatest shifts to emerge from Reall's involvement in neighbourhood-focused developments, is that residents become better integrated as contributing members of society.

Housed in a secure and permanent residence, low-income families are finally able to access basic services and better education. A formal address helps them

access better credit and establish a credit record. Payment for services such as water and electricity helps incorporate people into the planning of the city.

These opportunities are more than just economic gain. They restore the very essence of humanity, bringing invaluable purpose and pride back into communities that have been previously ignored by mainstream society.

Equity in property moves people towards a healthier future and catapults them out of a poverty cycle.

Case studies

At Reall we are determined to demonstrate that building an affordable housing market through innovative enterprise-driven methods has massive impact on a number of levels.

Whilst the stories of families whose lives have been profoundly improved through access to secure housing inspires us, we are equally thrilled at the growth we have seen in our partner organisations as they move towards achieving financial sustainability. We believe our approach is scaleable, replicable and has lasting impact.

Between 2010 and 2015 we helped to create and deliver:

New and upgraded housing
for 170,000 people
Secure land tenure
for 1.9 million people
£34 million disbursed as capital loans for housing, water & sanitation projects
£4.1 million assigned to Development Enterprise capacity building

Water and Sanitation

Improved access to water for 280,000 people
Improved access to toilets for 277,500 people

We have witnessed and participated in the positive personal stories emanating from the under-resourced regions we have been honoured to work within.

As individuals and families are empowered to take their place at the table in their homes, and claim their stake in the world, we see lives changed, for good.