Our innovative approach to delivering housing stems from over 25 years of experience in the developing world.

Reall establishes and expands Housing Development Enterprises in more than 15 countries. Through these local enterprises, low-income families are able to live in affordable, structurally sound homes, within the security of a planned neighbourhood.

Development Enterprises
are our local experts

Development Enterprises are local organisations in Africa and Asia that share our vision of providing affordable and decent housing to the urban poor. They are structured as businesses to service an untapped demand.

Often with a history of working with the poor, these enterprises have committed leadership that understand

the communities they operate in, and are able to deliver appropriate solutions.

Reall partners with these organisations to build up their capacity through restructuring, resourcing, tools and finance.

Our mission is to create a network of Development Enterprises that are financially sustainable and can generate returns over time.

From startup to sustainability

Taking our partners from startup to sustainability, Reall
 assists Development Enterprises to expand their capacity to deliver housing.

We support Development Enterprises in the following key areas:

Urban solutions

Ensuring housing that is responsive to the needs and affordability of the markets
they serve.

Access to finance

Structuring and organising enterprises to enable access to credit and further sources of finance.

Scaling delivery

Applying property development principles to release value. Securing project pipelines to sustain the organisation.

Property development for the
economically excluded

Reall’s innovative business model generates revenue for local Development Enterprises, enabling the creation of sustainable housing solutions that can grow to scale and serve an untapped market.

Along with financial investment, we invest a considerable amount of expertise, systems and experience to ensure they rapidly reach their break-even point and can contribute to our portfolio.

Identify good land

Subdivide it
effectively to
unlock the
most value

Phase construction
to best utilise
finance facilities

Empower our partners
to manage their own
cloud-based loan book
management sytems

The network approach

Reall fills the void in a housing market that’s almost non-existent for lower income earners living in urban areas.

Most often, this market exists in contexts rife with corruption, unstable governments, inflationary currencies and sometimes natural disasters.

Such obstacles have proven insurmountable to developing a scalable, investment orientated delivery model.

Operating as a global network, however, the Reall model offers an innovative approach to risk management, enabling us to blend finance and spread risk across different geographies, ensuring that portfolio performance cannot be derailed by activities in any one context.

The Reall Global Network also provides a rich learning and sharing resource to help nurture streamlined processes and policies, further increasing efficiency.

Reall is currently working with more than 14 highly committed organisations across 15 countries in Africa and Asia.

Blending finance for
better futures

Reall divides its financial support and investment into two categories:

Capacity Funds:

Are used in the startup stage, and help Reall’s Development Enterprises create the capacity, scale and project pipeline required to become fully financially sustainable.

Such funds are allocated for system development, training, procuring resources, improving governance, accounting, staffing and a contribution towards operating expenses.

Over time, mature Development Enterprises are equipped to phase out the requirement for capacity grants, and replace this type of funding requirement with income from projects or loan-based agreements.

Capital Funds:

Are loans made to Reall Development Enterprises that enable them to finance land, infrastructure and housing projects.

The funds are divided into:

– Land
– Project capital
– Micro-mortgage and rent capital

These funds enable Development Enterprises to manage all aspects of the housing process from land acquisition and processing, through servicing and construction, to end user finance.