The solutions that build a
home for human potential

Capital & finance

We kick-start functioning housing markets and accelerate their trajectory to scale by deploying innovative financial solutions which provide start-up capital, de-risk third-party investment and fund the affordability gap.

Acting as incubator, investor or guarantor, we mitigate risk by investing across a project portfolio spanning African and Asian markets.

Technical assistance

Our built environment specialists work at the cutting edge of their fields to support our implementing partners.

We employ outstanding architects, engineers, surveyors and urban planners who can harness their technical expertise with an innovative mindset. With an overview of the global affordable housing agenda, we aim to complement local knowledge with our significant portfolio of technical experience.

Policy & advocacy

Working in collaboration with governments, local authorities, municipalities and the private and third sectors, we build support for the affordable housing agenda.

Through a respectful, open and evidence-based dialogue we help facilitate the introduction of new policy and practices that create the conditions for affordable housing markets to thrive.

Evidence & knowledge production

We’re building the evidence to prove that affordable homes are the catalyst for lasting change, breaking the cycle of poverty.

We already understand that affordable homes have some of the widest-ranging social and economic impacts of any development initiatives, and have compelling evidence that people living on low incomes are excellent re-payers of end-user finance.

We’re building, collating and sharing the evidence to support the development of products and opportunities for people living on low incomes.

We’re committed to an open-source approach, meaning that ideas can be adapted and adopted around the world, enabling functioning housing markets to be developed at greater speed and scale.

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