An untapped housing market

Massive demand for affordable housing exists within the expanding cities of Africa and Asia.

Despite their ability to pay for better housing, low-income families often have no choice but to live in sprawling, unplanned informal settlements.

Residents of informal settlements often pay exorbitant rent to stay in unsuitable conditions with little to no access to sanitation, clean water or safe electricity. People living in these conditions are largely viewed by financial institutions as not credit worthy.

We have demonstrated that low-income clients are entrepreneurial, hard working and good re-payers of loans. The problem is a lack of affordable housing stock compounded by fair access to credit.

People pay high rent to live in deplorable circumstances, when they could be paying off a mortgage or renting secure serviced accommodation instead.

Planned housing
makes all the

Reall are pioneering the creation of a viable housing market at the bottom of the income pyramid.

We have shown, through our successful CLIFF programme that low-income clients are good re-payers of loans. More importantly we have demonstrated that well-resourced local enterprises are the best delivery agents for housing.

We are growing a
global network of
Development Enterprises

We identify and collaborate with Development Enterprises to solve housing at a local level. Reall has built a network of partners in more than 15 countries in the developing world who are delivering decent housing people can afford.

We have shown that empowering local enterprises with tools and resources provides an effective and lasting housing solution.

The problem is a
lack of supply,
not demand

We estimate that there are 100s of millions of people in Africa and Asia who are currently living in substandard housing, but can afford to pay for a secure home. We have witnessed the profound impact decent neighbourhoods can have on an individual, national and global scale.

Currently this housing supply does not exist.

Real measurable

over time

A Reall investment provides financial and social returns over time.

Reall is expanding an affordable housing market at the bottom of the pyramid that is well-suited for impact investment.

Reall Investments