About Reall

We are building a home for human potential

We are an innovator and investor in climate-smart affordable homes.

We develop, refine and share innovative housing models that unlock the political will, capital investment and end-user finance needed to create the conditions for hard-working families to secure their own home.

We do this because affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right, they unleash unimaginable human potential to shape a future of gender parity, climate resilience, clean water and air, renewable energy and socio-economic justice.

We believe that the best way to realise this future is by working in open collaboration using an open-source approach, so that the best ideas can be adapted and adopted around the world.

This enables functioning housing markets to be developed at greater speed and scale and means that together, we don’t just construct houses, we build a home for human potential.

Our Mission

We’re building an affordable homes movement that will improve the lives of 100 million people across Africa and Asia by 2030.

Our Strategy

Reall’s strategy is to get affordable homes built at scale by targeting investments, generating ideas and championing evidence. This accelerates the flow of capital and the availability of end-user finance, leading to catalytic commercial, economic and socially sustainable change.

Our Funders

Reall is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

Our team