Affordable housing creates safe & secure communities for women

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Read our new policy paper showcasing how safe and secure affordable housing communities impact the quality of life for everyone - especially women and girls

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To mark United Nations International Women’s Day, Reall shares key learnings and recommendations on how, for women and girls, safe and secure affordable housing communities become more than a place to live – theare a place to thrive.

Watch Estelle Robinson, Reall’s Policy and Influence Manager, introduce the Safety and Security in Affordable Housing Communities for Women and Girls paper.


Challenges women face – key learnings

  • In emerging markets, women typically earn less and have less job security as they are more likely to work in informal sectors
  • Without access to public transport, or even decent street lighting, women can be confined to their homes
  • Social and economic restrictions tie women and girls closer to the home
  • Women are at a high risk of gender-based violence – both in the home and in public

How affordable housing increases safety and security for women

The paper details that 70% of women feel safer and more secure in Reall’s affordable housing communities, due to:

  • In-home access to basic services like clean energy, water and sanitation
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Living without fear of sudden rent increases or eviction
  • Safe communities which mean women and girls can leave their homes without the fear of being attacked
  • Effective planning, which can improve family relations and reduce the risk of violence
  • Access to end-user financing which gives women a foothold in the formal economy and greater financial inclusion, as well as the chance to use housing as an asset and increase financial stability
  • Climate-smart innovations that support healthier environments and reduce the vulnerability of low-income households to environmental threats

Read now: Reall’s Safety and Security in Affordable Housing Communities for Women and Girls paper (PDF, 3 pages, 1MB)

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