Over the last ten years we have discovered the urban poor are excellent re-payers of loans and there is extensive demand for affordable housing. The enterprise approach is a viable and exciting impact investment opportunity.

Financing the Reall Network

Reall raises investment capital in the form of grants, donations and social impact investment, combining these funds to provide appropriate finance to our partner development enterprises.

The success of the Reall model relies on our operational and technical support for Development Enterprises and the reliable supply of long-term financial support to them.

With the support of long-standing funding partners

including the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Reall’s model of support and finance for Development Enterprises has evolved over time.

Initially conceived as a grant programme, we now have primarily provided finance to Development Enterprises as loans or equity since 2012, and we have now invested more than 30 million Pounds in our partners.

Our partner and project pipeline is firmly established, and ready to grow through further investment.

Investment with impact

By establishing and growing affordable housing Development Enterprises in a market where demand exceeds supply, Reall’s funding model aims to deliver measurable socio-economic impact and a financial return.

Through investing in enterprises operating in the developing world, Reall has a positive impact on families and local communities, reaching unplanned neighbourhoods that are mostly excluded by more traditional housing developments.

Investing in a sustainable solution

Reall’s strength lies in strong and close partnership with our entire value chain.

Working upstream with our funding partners to source the right blend of finance, and downstream working with our network of Development Enterprises to ensure delivery of high quality housing and services for low-income urban communities.

As we oversee the construction of secure housing through our selected Development Enterprises, our ability to provide social and financial returns to investors grows.

Our experience, combined with our Development Enterprises’ local knowledge, enables us to predict, understand and adequately finance project demands. We are involved through every step of the development process from market sizing, land acquistion, construction, finance, sales and micromortgage or rental administration.

This ensures a greater chance of success and a move towards profit generation and sustainability.

Our history and expertise in this market combined with local knowledge, enables us to predict, understand and adequately finance project demands. Our holistic approach ensures greater project success and partner sustainability.

Mitigating risks

Operating through a global network, Reall’s business model offers an innovative approach to risk management, enabling the blending and spread of risk across different geographies, ensuring that portfolio performance cannot be derailed by activities in any one context.

Invest in a Reall future

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