Climate-smart homes

How we're building climate-smart homes for humanity

The climate-crisis is a very real threat, to which the world’s urban poor are particularly vulnerable. The affordable housing deficit must be addressed in a rapidly scalable and environmentally viable way to achieve the systematic change needed by 2050.

Disrupting the housing market, through the delivery of affordable homes, has the ability to increase access to clean energy, support the transition to clean forms of transport, and direct finance flows to low-carbon assets – all while dramatically improving the lives of those in urban Africa and Asia.

Innovative partners

Our climate-smart partners are disrupting the construction market with pioneering technologies and materials – delivering affordable low-carbon homes that are environmentally friendly and resilient. Learn more about how we’re building climate-smart.

ModulusTech – an innovator in low-carbon construction materials providing very low-cost homes that can be constructed in just days – saving 90% of carbon dioxide emissions per house

Learn more about ModulusTech (PDF, 2 pages, 1MB)

BuildX Studio – Africa’s first B Corp Certified Design-Build company who are developing a circular housing economy, where waste and emissions are minimised whilst recycling and reuse are maximised

Learn more about BuildX Studio (PDF, 2 pages, 1MB)

Smart Havens Africa – A social enterprise pioneering in green building materials, driving down CO2 emissions through interlocking compressed earth bricks

Learn more about Smart Havens (PDF, 2 pages, 1MB)

Our green initiatives



Reall are driving down the environmental impact of housing, demonstrating disruptive construction methods that prove we can build without harming humanity’s shared home. 

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